Ironically, my grandfather, Samuel Henry Cole of Uniontown, PA was a coal miner. His son , my father, Samuel Louis Cole, went into the military as a way out of virtual poverty and was killed – after 23 years of service – while on a classified assignment at Wadi Kenya Valley, Egypt (Coronet Mallard was the name of the operation of which he was a part) during the 1991 buildup PRIOR to the first Bush Gulf War. Today, I was forwarded a copy of an article written by one of my environmental heroes, Lester Brown, president of Earth Policy Institute. Read the article here and savor with me the good news…the gospel of the demise of Coal. And three cheers for Charlie Crist, the republican governor of Florida for anouncing that Florida is going to build the country`s largest solar powered power plant…his grasp of the obvious appears to be intact in that as the governor of the sunshine state – his state won`t have to pay for the energy source which is free to us all provided we can capture and store its energy! Ahh…it appears that our collective cancer -fossil fuel – has taken a major blow… The craziest idea – perhaps ever – underground co2 sequestration…whoever thought of that idea is simply a madman…or madwoman. Please read Lester Brown`s piece and revel in gladness, but don`t let this good news placate your zeal as you shift toward sustainability. At myEnergyLoan, we are building a bridge that will help YOU unplug from fossil fuels and PLUG into renewable energy sources. Call today to learn about energy efficient mortgages and myEnergyLoan, the leading national incentive program for green real estate.