Crisis One: INSURANCE Insurance, the undercurrent of capital markets, risk assessment and the convergent industrial complex. It is predicted that within 20 years or fewer many of our coastal regions will be uninsurable because they will be under water or projected to be under water within the lifespan of a fully-amortized 30-year mortgage…which means they will be UNINSURABLE. Insurance Represents around 10% of GDP, but touches nearly 100% of GDP. Green buildings are more valuable,. provide a lower risk gradient and should reduce insurance premiums in non-flood prone areas…at least one major insurance provide is already offer a 5% discount for insurance policies of green building. I have heard that actuarial tables indicate that a 20% discount would still be profitable….Green buildings help a lot. Crisis Two: ENVIRONMENTAL Climate warming is real and people have something to do with that…it is doing major damage to ecological systems and this damage will become irreversible if we don`t act IMMEDIATELY! We just need to STOP emitting carbon at such high levels. We have virtually no hope for our global environment, much less our more important local living economies (see BALLE), without changing IMMEDIATELY (did i say that already?). Clearly, humans are intelligent – we can and we will make the necessary changes and we`ve already started…Green buildings are an important part of this change and…they help a lot. Crisis Three: ECONOMIC See Crisis One and Crisis Two and also note that because green buildings are more valuable, cost less to operate and are healthier for occupants, they provide a HUGE economic impact. For instance, productivity levels in green buildings are FAR GREATER than traditionally built buildings…You guessed it…green buildings help a lot. Crisis Four: HEALTH Our country is fat and not so happy. A green building is a healthy building and a healthy building is more comfortable. While not the Holy Grail, working in a green building contributes to overall physical and mental well being, which translates to fewer trips to the doctor and to the psychiatrist (for treatment of your Eco-Anxiety)…cuz when you are healthy, you are generally happy. To be sure, our health crisis has a lot to do with lack of access to proper health care options that are largely dictated by broken insurance providers…while not a sustainability loop…loop back to number one… and note…Green Buildings Help A Lot!