Guess what? We`re the fish. Here`s the real question I have to ask today…at what per-barrel oil price does renewable energy begin to create outrage among the citizenry? Clearly, not $109. Today was the fifth straight consecutive day of record high oil prices and the day ended at $109 a barrel. Let`s look at the winners and losers… Turn on the TV…switch stations until you see President Bush and his friends…those he calls his base – according to him, these are the have`s and the have-more`s. They are the winners today, yesterday, last year and for the last 7 years. Don`t believe me…do a little digging…start with Michael Moore`s Farenheit 9-11. Now…look in the mirror – make an “L” with your hand and slap it against that forehead…get the picture? Green building helps us reduce our reliance on foreign oil; It can help us UNPLUG from fossil fuel and PLUG INTO renewable energy sources. Environmental Wacko? Hardly…afterall, God is Green from what I can tell.