Hold your breath, but get ready to scream with delight if you are frustrated in your search for an EEM. We are announcing a new EEM product that MAY deliver the following to our clients: Borrower`s contribution to down payment, closing costs, and/or prepaid items may be funded by rebates from gov`t agencies, utilities or manufacturers. Monthly energy savings from Energy Report and energy efficiency tax credits to which borrower is entitled may be added to income for qualifying purposes. Sales Price or Value may be increased as permitted by program requirements. THIRD PARTY VERIFICATION OF EFFICENCY IS REQUIRED. CONFORMING LOANS ONLY FOR THIS PRODUCT 😦 Diclaimer – this may not be available for all borrowers and this is NOT a guaranteed loan for any borrower. We have to analyze your scenario in order to make you a loan offer. The only way to know if this loan is right for you is to let us run your scenario – and that`s not meant to be a teaser, but a reality check. This product may or may not work with our standard myEnergyLoan efficiency credits which are available for jumbo loans, second home loans, investment property loans and commercial property loans (if they are financing green propery), but myEnergyLoan always works if your property is green when we close your loan. myEnergyLoan is the best green loan incentive program in the business of green real estate. Call Jeff Cole IMMEDIATELY to see if you qualify for this incredible sustainable egg!