Sometimes when we refer to our company by the acronym “MEL” we sometimes hear back, “kiss my grits, MEL!” If you remeber the sitcom Alice, you will remember that line. So…I decided to have some fun with the concept of kissing grits, since doing loans is a lot like that these days – lot’s of effort and not as much fun as it once was. Sure, we kiss lots of grits, but thankfully, my clients are a ton of fun and their green building projects are really, really fun! I prefer grandma grits, especially if i`m kissing them. My grandmother, Fred Cole, is incredibly cute and sweet and her grits would be too if she knew how to make them! She doesn`t kiss anybody`s grits. Grits with honey and cinnamon, grits with butter and cheese, grits with crumbled bacon, salt and pepper… Making grits is hard work – kissing them is even harder and, for the record, instant grits just don`t cut the muster. Grits are porridge, for those of you who don`t know; and grits is fillin` when you eat enough of `em. Kissing grits is fine…so long as you like grits. Kissing grits you don`t like will leave a bad taste in your mouth every time. Sometimes, when you find grits you like to kiss, you really don’t mind kissing them (often , and to excess). Usually, though, let’s face it; kissing somebody’s grits just ain’t what it used to be. I’ve been kissing lots of grits lately – haven`t you? How about if somebody kissed YOUR grits for a change? Would you have to pay them? More than you already pay them? Will grits ever cost $112 a barrel? If they did…heck, they`d be as expensive as oil. Hey, who makes all the grits that we`ve been kissing, anyway? I bet I know whose grits they are…do you? Yeah, I could smell them Grits a mile away! If you can tell me, you might win $50! Let me know… Please respond by commenting on this blog with your answer. The comment I like best (100% subjective) will win $50 and their very own box of grits! Comments must be made by March 31, 2008 at midnight (EST).