What`s myEnergyLoan? What`s an Energy Efficient Mortgage? It’s where economy meets ecology. Massive closing cost discounts, down payment offsets and better interest rates are available with the myEnergyLoan program. myEnergyLoan is laser focused on bringing meaningful and sustainable capital to bear at a time when green building has the potential to help meet many of our critical economic, environmental and social needs. SINCE 2005, myEnergyLoan has been applying an advanced method of incorporating all available incentives into our green loan packages; nobody does this more effectively and more accurately than myEnergyLoan. Our program operates throughout the US and our team provides >>>> residential <<<< and >>>>commercial <<<< finance capabilities. Traditional lenders and mortgage brokers typically do not understand the meaning of sustainable capital conversion, but myEnergyLoan literally closes the sustainability loop with your green real estate closing. At myEnergyLoan, we are dedicated to fueling the shift from a fossil fuel economy to a modernized economy; an economy that creates a natural triple-bottom-line orientation for our capital sources when they fund your green real estate transaction. Responsible stewardship of our natural resources and finances are both our mantra and our way of conducting business. We are proud to be natural capitalists who firmly believe in building local living economies whereby every dollar our clients save is a dollar that will potentially circulate through their community an average of six times, rather than being exported out of the community and into the coffers of large corporations. The savings we provide contribute to economic stability and overall financial betterment. – JC