THE ENERGY EFFICIENT MORTGAGE (EEM) IS AVAILABLE AT myEnergyLoan That’s right. We can handle the EEM, which is a specific loan product designed to help borrowers qualify for energy efficient homes and energy efficient upgrades for high performance buildings. The myEnergyLoan program will help you reduce your utility bills and your operating expenses. If we determine together that your loan scenario is applicable we can even close your “true” energy efficient mortgage. The EEM is a single product that might not be the most advantageous loan product for your needs, so we developed a proprietary way of adding massive amounts of value to your real estate transaction. The EEM products that we offer may vary with FHA, Conventional, Jumbo and Commercial real estate loans. The EEM and the EIM (Energy Improvement Mortgage) are powerful products and we encourage their proliferation since they can make green buildings even more affordable. CALL TODAY FOR GREAT RATES !