DON`T MISS THIS EVENT ! ! ! October 18th (10am- 11:30 am) Green home buying workshop at THE HOOTS GROUP in ATLANTA ! ! ! Matt Hoots, a longtime friend of mine and my first preferred builder, is hosting a green home buying workshop for interested consumers presented by our green team. Karen Raymer founder of will show you how to safely furnish your home. I will be discussing the benefits of green financing, with special emphasis on the ENERGY EFFICIENT MORTGAGE (EEM) and SUSTAINABLE MORTGAGE BACKED SECURITY (SMBS). Jennifer Spivey, another longtime friend and Georgia’s only Ecobroker instructor, will show how to buy and sell a green home in GA. The Hoots Group will discuss what to look for in an existing or new home and talk about how you can renovate it to be healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient. CALL 404-474-7379 to reserve a FREE spot To sign up for the class go to Type in your contact information and let us know which focus group that you would like to be a part of in the description section. Seats are limited so sign up now!! Note: this presentation is tailored towards consumers. There will be a separate event for the trade in November.