March 2009


This aerial photograph, taken from the north, shows the gallery's green roof in the foreground and the sculpture building and parking structure in background.

Yale Sculpture Building and Gallery

Photo credit: © Peter Aaron, Esto


  • Location: New Haven, CT
  • Building type(s): Higher education, Interpretive Center
  • New construction
  • 62,000 sq. feet (5,760 sq. meters)
  • Project scope: 3 4-story buildings
  • Urban setting
  • Completed September 2007
  • Rating: U.S. Green Building Council LEED-NC, v.2/v.2.1–Level: Platinum (52 points)

EcoBroker®: The Green Designation

Thursday, March 19, 2009 

Submitted by Michelle Salater • March 18, 2009

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esponding to the growing demand for a sustainable, local economy in Charleston and all of South Carolina, Daniel Island Mortgage has become the nation’s first myEnergyLoan local provider.

CHARLESTON, SC – March 17, 2009-Committed to providing a new green mortgage product that builds value in homes, saves clients money, and facilitates a healthier environment and sustainable economy, Daniel Island Mortgage announces it is the nation’s first myEnergyLoan local provider.

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Daniel Island Mortgage Becomes the Nation’s First myEnergyLoan Local Provider

        And today’s number is the number 8!  So, why the Jackson Pollock, you ask?

This painting is called Number 8 and it’s by Jackson Pollock. And it’s all heart and emotion and movement. And while it’s not a picture of “anything” in particular, it has something that a snapshot of scenery doesn’t have … a pulse. It moves. Even though we don’t know what it is, somewhere in that chaos we know it’s alive. But still, something’s missing …

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uch a B E A U tee-ful number.  Infinity turned on its head.  Hmmm…sounds a lot like our stimulus plan, but guess what, the number 8 is coming to the rescue.  Did you know that the current administration has increased available energy efficiency financial incentives by a factor of 8?  While I have not personally run the numbers, I have been assured by reliable sources that energy efficiency initiatives offered by the government and passed through state-level agencies are set to be increased by a factor of 8 sometime soon. 

If what I heard today holds true, the money available on the home front through the current iteration of the stimulus plan is going to be put to very productive and efficient use.  We could not support this program any more than we do – we embrace it with huge bear hugs because it will do what’s needed. 

  •  It will put fossil fuel to its highest and best use – provide the energy needed to switch to renewable energy
  • It can and will make a significant contribution to our personal income by reducing the amount of money we pay for energy
  • It will provide meaningful work for construction professionals of all shapes and sizes
  • It will engage the green real estate market
  • It will provide lower rates
  • It will move us in the direction of common sense underwriting
  • It will provide closing cost offsets
  •  It will continue to help us scale up renewable energy

I absolutely love the 8 things the Energy Star program will provide.  Give us a call to learn more to see how we can put the Energy Star program to work for you.

Check out Energy Star and come to us for your Energy Star loans.  At myEnergyLoan, the Energy Star seal means mmm mmm good.

Energy Star Loans – Check us out at HomeFirst Mortgage – an Energy Star partner since way.

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am a fan of the current administration in large part because at least this regime understands the complexity of the opportunity that lies before us.  I truly believe that this administration supports the Energy Efficient Mortgage product.  There have been many recent reports from the folks at the FHA, Fannie Mae and even Freddie Mac that the EEM is being revived.  Bravo! 

We agree and we are excited to offer the true EEM product as a myEnergyLoan, the standard green loan incentive program in the US.

There have been interesting advancements throughout the country as brokers, lenders and developers are seeking partnerships with myEnergyLoan in order to leverage their green building brands with the EEM and other myEnergyLoan products.  We are simply delighted by to do our parts to move this market forward because it answers so many of our questions today. 

The EEM is a niche loan product that I have heard referred to as a green qualifying loan product.  myEnergyLoan is a strong supporter of the EEM and it cannot go without saying that we are optimistic that this once elusive product will be available through our channels in the very near future.  The market is definitely seeking effective green loan products and myEnergyLoan provides the most reliable and consistent standard, backd by the most experienced green lenders in the country. 

imageThe Energy Efficient Mortgage product is ideal for energy efficient buildings in the affordable and workforce range.  Because the energy bills of the occupants are disproportionately higher when compared with higher income levels.   By greening affordable homes we are making them all that much more affordable and helping people qualify for loans who just need a little bump to their DTI (debt-to-income ratio) and access to additional improvement funds.   

If you would like to improve your building with energy efficient retrofits please give me a call.  I have a new loan program coming out…it’s called the EEM. 

– jlc

Plans & Specs, Plans & Specs...

Plans & Specs, Plans & Specs...


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ast week I spent three days in Charleston, S.C., a market that is rapidly being transformed into a green showcase market. 

In fact, Charleston, S.C. is the local market where our very first local myEnergyLoan providership took root just last week.  Daniel Island Mortgage, owned by Gary Harwyn, is leading the charge in Charleston and he recently won the preferred lender relationship with Mixson, a sustainable development in North Charleston. 

The development is marketed by reHava Real Estate Store and the EcoBroker in charge there is Brandon Call, a very interesting green real estate leader in the Charleston market. 

The reHava approach to real estate sales is very different in that even though the company claims their model is more profitable, they actually give back a full half of their commission to their clients, who in many cases are going green. 

The announcement that the Mixson developers had chosen reHava to market the development was both controversial and enlightened.  Gary Harwyn and I immediatly made the connections and sought to become the preferred lender for Mixson buyers because it is simply the most rational partnership in the market.  Green buyers prefer to buy green buildings and finance them with green loans.

Please see and click on the Green Building Project for more on the Mixson / myEnergyLoan partnership.


myEnergyLoan providerGary Harwyn,  843.224.5619  

EcoBrokerBrandon Call,  843.303.3449




Energy Efficient Mortgages are available in many markets from myEnergyLoan.   

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have worked with Matt Hoots as his preferred lender for over three years and I have been constistently impressed with him. 

myEnergyLoan has closed many loans for his clients, each of whom was handsomely rewarded by myEnergyLoan through our loan packages. 

The Hoots Group, located in a Home Park – a small neighborhood next to Georgia Tech in mid-town Atlanta – is a boutique design-build firm.  Literally, everything they do is green as can be.  Call it deep green if you will, but I simply call it commited to making a difference, one sustainable project at a time.  And those projects are adding up FAST!  The Hoots Group has consistently delivered superior service and quality to its clients and they are the recognized leader in green building in a market with more green buildings per capita than any market I know of.  You might not realize how big a deal this is, however you should know that Matt is frequently awarded green builder awards from Southface, NARI and others. 

I consistently hear from his clients comments like, “Matt is brilliant – we could not have done this without him,” or “we feel fortunate to have been able to get on their (The Hoots Group) schedule!” 

The Hoots Group is one our Platinum Preferred Builders and I strongly recommend them!  Check out Matt’s blog at and be sure to check back on our website at for more information about Matt’s company as we will be featuring an upcoming project on Green Building Projects section.

– jlc

Think Green.  Think myEnergyLoan.

Think Green. Think myEnergyLoan.

Just having re-read a copy of the Green Sage article I wrote over a year ago, I am completely amazed at how far we have come.  Read the article here and note that since the posting of the article we have gone through an election year, a severe credit crisis, hundreds of bank closings, a ponzi scheme beyond anything anybody ever imagined – and I am not talking about Bernie Madoff, who was convicted of the biggest ponzi scheme in history.

So…where are the heads that should be rolling right now?  Why is Madoff any worse than our federal bank regulators?  Why is Madoff any worse than George Bush?  He’s not…he’s just one of the many, many financial knuckleheads who ripped us off.  You, me, your father, your mother, your sister, brother, aunt, uncle…your neighbors, your employers…we have all been completely given the shaft. 

Do something about it, America.  Go Green.  Go Now.  And don’t ever question whether or not it is your right to take back your country.

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