Think Green.  Think myEnergyLoan.

Think Green. Think myEnergyLoan.

Just having re-read a copy of the Green Sage article I wrote over a year ago, I am completely amazed at how far we have come.  Read the article here and note that since the posting of the article we have gone through an election year, a severe credit crisis, hundreds of bank closings, a ponzi scheme beyond anything anybody ever imagined – and I am not talking about Bernie Madoff, who was convicted of the biggest ponzi scheme in history.

So…where are the heads that should be rolling right now?  Why is Madoff any worse than our federal bank regulators?  Why is Madoff any worse than George Bush?  He’s not…he’s just one of the many, many financial knuckleheads who ripped us off.  You, me, your father, your mother, your sister, brother, aunt, uncle…your neighbors, your employers…we have all been completely given the shaft. 

Do something about it, America.  Go Green.  Go Now.  And don’t ever question whether or not it is your right to take back your country.