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am a fan of the current administration in large part because at least this regime understands the complexity of the opportunity that lies before us.  I truly believe that this administration supports the Energy Efficient Mortgage product.  There have been many recent reports from the folks at the FHA, Fannie Mae and even Freddie Mac that the EEM is being revived.  Bravo! 

We agree and we are excited to offer the true EEM product as a myEnergyLoan, the standard green loan incentive program in the US.

There have been interesting advancements throughout the country as brokers, lenders and developers are seeking partnerships with myEnergyLoan in order to leverage their green building brands with the EEM and other myEnergyLoan products.  We are simply delighted by to do our parts to move this market forward because it answers so many of our questions today. 

The EEM is a niche loan product that I have heard referred to as a green qualifying loan product.  myEnergyLoan is a strong supporter of the EEM and it cannot go without saying that we are optimistic that this once elusive product will be available through our channels in the very near future.  The market is definitely seeking effective green loan products and myEnergyLoan provides the most reliable and consistent standard, backd by the most experienced green lenders in the country. 

imageThe Energy Efficient Mortgage product is ideal for energy efficient buildings in the affordable and workforce range.  Because the energy bills of the occupants are disproportionately higher when compared with higher income levels.   By greening affordable homes we are making them all that much more affordable and helping people qualify for loans who just need a little bump to their DTI (debt-to-income ratio) and access to additional improvement funds.   

If you would like to improve your building with energy efficient retrofits please give me a call.  I have a new loan program coming out…it’s called the EEM. 

– jlc