And today’s number is the number 8!  So, why the Jackson Pollock, you ask?

This painting is called Number 8 and it’s by Jackson Pollock. And it’s all heart and emotion and movement. And while it’s not a picture of “anything” in particular, it has something that a snapshot of scenery doesn’t have … a pulse. It moves. Even though we don’t know what it is, somewhere in that chaos we know it’s alive. But still, something’s missing …

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uch a B E A U tee-ful number.  Infinity turned on its head.  Hmmm…sounds a lot like our stimulus plan, but guess what, the number 8 is coming to the rescue.  Did you know that the current administration has increased available energy efficiency financial incentives by a factor of 8?  While I have not personally run the numbers, I have been assured by reliable sources that energy efficiency initiatives offered by the government and passed through state-level agencies are set to be increased by a factor of 8 sometime soon. 

If what I heard today holds true, the money available on the home front through the current iteration of the stimulus plan is going to be put to very productive and efficient use.  We could not support this program any more than we do – we embrace it with huge bear hugs because it will do what’s needed. 

  •  It will put fossil fuel to its highest and best use – provide the energy needed to switch to renewable energy
  • It can and will make a significant contribution to our personal income by reducing the amount of money we pay for energy
  • It will provide meaningful work for construction professionals of all shapes and sizes
  • It will engage the green real estate market
  • It will provide lower rates
  • It will move us in the direction of common sense underwriting
  • It will provide closing cost offsets
  •  It will continue to help us scale up renewable energy

I absolutely love the 8 things the Energy Star program will provide.  Give us a call to learn more to see how we can put the Energy Star program to work for you.

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