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ased on governmental incentives, it appears that the secondary capital markets are being forced into existence because the single best way to increase trust in the capital markets is through green buildings, which have greater value and carry with them far fewer negative impacts on local communities and their natural environments.

The Energy Star Loan program is evolving and in some ways serving as the distribution outlet for energy efficiency incentive dollars.   We predict that within the year there will be several secondary market securities (mortgage backed securities) that will total at least $1 Billion.  It is likely that the Energy Star Loan program can kick start that cycle and engage the entire food chain that makes up the capital markets.  We believe we can certify and facililate funding of more than 51,000 properties within 3 years and deliver billions of dollars of green loans to the secondary market.

At myEnergyLoan, we recognize and support the Energy Star Loan program even as it is in its pilot phase.  The promise of the program is to provide money for improving the efficiency of homes.  Check out the Energy Star Loan program today and call us with any specific questions or to learn more about applying for an Energy Star Loan.