There are signs of serious artificial pricing in the capital markets.

There are now 4 large US banks.

These banks are taking huge subsidies and cutting their prices so mortgage brokers cannot compete.

Fewer options means higher prices and more bank undermining of the US Economy.

Artificial pricing means that you, the consumer, are going to have fewer and fewer loan options in the future and the trend of a resistance to lending will continue in order to force you into the capital markets.  That’s exactly what is happening right now and it is slowing the adoption of energy efficient mortgage products and other green financial tools. 

Essentially, when the 4 large remaining banks can apply government subsidies to buy down rates on high interest loans you would be a fool not select them for your mortgage.  This means they are all receiving a lot more business, lending fewer dollars on more loans and maximizing the number of transactions in order to earn fees.  They will soon hijack energy efficient mortgage lending and greenwash into thinking it’s good for you.

The capital markets are being set up for exploit and we strongly recommend tort reform and tighter regulatory measures. 

Most mortgage brokers across the country are experiencing huge negative impacts that are driving them out of business at an astonishing rate.  Mortgage broker pricing has eroded to such a degree that many mortgage brokers cannot keep their doors open.  This trend spans most not retail banking streams, private equity funds, insurance and bond funds.  They are NOT showing robust signs of recovery.

As I have often reported and discussed it takes a long time for banks to determine how best to part you from your money.  Those days are approaching where they are figuring it and hatching plans to essentially canabalize the market.


The effect is that the consumer loses and the financial markets become more centralized.  Other than being very polarizing by loading the assets in a small group of companies it has the ability to cause extreme trauma to entire economy because these banks are literally in control.  This co-opts our core values and flys in the face of our necessary rights as Americans.

This, my friends, is a very bad idea.  It is especially bad because we are literally doing it to ourselves since we are paying for the subsidies.