Hunley Waters.  Where quality of life meets the water.

A charming community with deep water access, an eye on conservation and revitalizing a once scary neighborhood is proving to be a winning formula.   Chris Swan, owner of Cobalt Development and one of the more accomplished businessmen in the UK recently told me that when he visited Charleston, “I fell in love with it.”

That’s a common theme among visitors to the Charleston area and I would know, since the same thing happened to me when I first visited the town myself.  And two hearts have joined forces as myEnergyLoan’s first local provider has become the preferred lender at Chris Swan’s development – Hunley Waters.

I have met Alex Cook and Josh Watts, who run the marketing program over there, and i have to admit…i love them too.  Be sure to check out Hunley Waters when you shop for a place in Charleston.  You will be pleasantly surprised by their offerings and you’ll walk away with friends.

Know that the various energy efficient mortgages will bring you a financial advantage since energy efficient mortgages help finance green buildings more cost effectively.  In fact, energy efficient mortgages are available through Gary at Daniel Island Mortgage as he is the exclusive myEnergyLoan provider in the state.

— jeff cole —