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In today’s market we hear all about why Green Loans are all the rage.  However, we simply ask…why?  Is it because green loans have the word green in them?  It seems like all things are being made green and then pushed at consumers.  It’s enough to give you a green headache – or complete disdain for the concept of green.

After years and years of mainstream Americans shunning green items, why now?  What in the world makes a product green and why do green products all of a sudden have such cache’?

Perhaps it’s because today…finally…Green actually means GREEN (translated as money).  True, before the last few years to be green meant you were a bona fide tree hugger…a granola eating, Birkenstock wearin’, good for nothin’  liberal.  Today, however, American’s see the money in going green.  And if you are greening a building, especially so.  At least that’s the case if your Green Loan is a myEnergyLoan.

Green Lending is nothing new; really.  The Energy Efficient Mortgage – the EEM – is no new loan product.  It simply uses common sense underwriting and provides some money for energy improvement, which can be ammortized over 30 years.  It’s a responsible decision to make energy improvements if you can afford to do, so why isn’t everybody doing it?

The Energy Efficient Mortgage considers the money you save on utilities as income.  From an underwriting standpoint, if you are not spending the money on utilities, then it should be counted as income.  So, why then, is the Energy Efficient Mortgage – the original green loan – so under-utilized?  Could it be that fossil-fuel energy capitalization is so entrenched in capital markets that to unplug from it means economic collapse?  Could it mean that Green Loans simply only serve those granola crunchies that yuppies love to hate?

No.  Green Loans are great loans because they give you a financial reward for buying or building green real estate.  They are not used very much because they are obscure, under-marketed products that most loan makers (originators) don’t know exist.  They (green loans) acknowledge that a green property helps solve economic, environmental and social problems and most loan originators care about one thing…GREEN (money) because if they want to keep their jobs, that’s where they need to focus their attention.  The environment?  Riiiigggggttt!  Social problems?  Who cares about that is what most loan officers say if they are being honest.

We prove them wrong.  Green Loans are great loans.  Learn more about them at myEnergyLoan – the best green loan program in America – brought to you locally by your local myEnergyLoan provider.  Get on board with what real green is about…log on at www.myenergyloan.com


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