Today is the day that I challenge all lenders in America to join us in providing a voluntary distribution of funds – up to a mere 1% closing cost credit – for the good of our country.  We have been doing this very thing for the last four years while most banks and lenders are still doing business as usual…selling the highest interest rates possible to their clients for the sake of shareholder value. 

At myEnergyLoan, our providers NEVER earn more than 2% even though RESPA allows 5%.   After fleecing borrowers for years, this is the very least banks could do for homeowners and investors.

Here is the challenge:  finance green buildings and simply adopt the myEnergyLoan standard as a licensed provider.  You will certainly add shareholder value and here’s what else you will get:

  1. Truly grateful borrowers who receive a green loan discount (based on MEL scale) simply for being a lower risk borrower { which is what you want anyway if you are a bank }.
  2. A reason to expect that the market will have more stability, because the lower risk gradient associated with underwriting green real estate will result in a lower default risk, since the collateral you are lending money for costs less to operate and is more valuable. 
  3. A triple-bottom-line orientation; meaning you will make a return on your capital, a return on the enviromental impact you make and a return on the community or social impact that you make.  { And no, it does not mean your bank is a socialist organization just because it supports its community }.
  4. Relief from the guilt that traditional banking pits the bank against its clients.
  5. A lot more…call Jeff Cole at 404-771-2106 to learn about the other 20 or 30 positive attributes of the myEnergyLoan Green Loan program and the benefits of green lending.

Two Recommendations: 

Click the link below and learn more about why Green Loans in general provide a lower risk and more profit for banks.

Read Don Shaffer’s piece titled “A Dialogue on the Banking Crisis” by clicking the link below:

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Learn more about green loans.  Learn more about why the government loves the myEnergyLoan program.  Learn more about why it makes economical, environmental and social sense to build green or retrofit your building using applied green building science.