We are proud to be a Founding Blogger at  It’s a natural fit, considering Jeff Cole spent nearly 15 years on Madison Avenue in the aternative and conscious media markets.  During that time, Jeff was Chief Operating Officer and Associate Publisher of NY Press newspaper, National Advertising at Village Voice Media and owner of Madison Avenue MediaRoots, the boutique New York publisher’s representative firm hired by MotherJones, Alternative Weekly Network, Village Voice & LA Weekly, National Parks, Sierra, Audubon and National Parks magazines. 

The switch to building myEnergyLoan came as a result of seeing that the economy had to begin shifting – as it has – toward an EcoEconomy.  That shift requires unplugging from fossil fuel capitalization and plugging into renewable energy capital markets, which are only now emerging.  In order to facilitate this process of innovation, myEnergyLoan converts conventional capital into sustainable Natural Capital by funding green buildings.  The blend of media and the shift toward an EcoEconomy is one on which you can count on me writing frequently at

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