Energy Efficient Mortgage programs are popping up all over the place and with good reason.  There are now more myEnergyLoan providers than ever; with 31 states currently being served by either a local myEnergyLoan provider or a National myEnergyLoan provider.

Green loans are loans that take into consideration the impact made by increased energy efficiency.  myEnergyLoan helps them do that.  And look at the impact that myEnergyLoan providers make in the markets they serve:


Greater buying power for the average homeowner.

Positive impact on health and lower associated health expenses.

Reduced reliance on foriegn oil.

Positive impact on our national security.

It’s not a stretch to say that all of these impacts are being made each and every time you increase the efficiency of your building.  It’s sort of a “no-brainer” when you consider the overwhelming evidence that green building is the way to go.  Why would you even consider not following through on the decision to improve your personal energy consumption now that you know just some of the positive impacts you can make when you do so?

Fossil-fuel market capitalization: That’s why.  There is so much resistance to you being able to execute a solid decision of investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy usage.  Check it out and you will see that the 4 US megabanks are HEAVILY invested in fossil fuel markets and to such a degree that they aren’t likely to dismiss this as their reality.  They don’t know what to do – but what they should do is simple – they should shift their resources and apply their fossil fuel energy investments to their highest and best use:  Financing the shift to a Renewable Energy Economy. 

Why did we bail out all those banks and insurance companies again?  Should we now expect them to serve our interests when they simply have not yet figured out how to separate us from our money?  Or should we wait until they figure out how to spin it so we think it’s a grand idea that they came up with?  Certainly, the 4 US megabanks have said they have energy efficient mortgage programs, but they aren’t the ones supporting the proliferation of green buildings in local markets.   Just ask ANYBODY who has financed a green building – ever

No, those somewhat silent heroes who are supporting green building investment are either currently myEnergyLoan providers or soon will be.  By virtue of tying into the MEL program a lender or mortgage broker can become Energy Star Mortgage Partners and Fair Mortgage Collaborative approved lenders.  The MEL provider gets the real stamp(s) of approval.  myEnergyLoan providers have banded together to finance your green buildings.  they have adopted a fair standard to save you money.  They all agree to not write high risk loans.  They all agree that they can afford to rebate money to you if you increase the energy efficiency in your home of commercial building.  They allow myEnergyLoan LLC to certify that they do so – voluntarily – according to the MEL Efficiency Credit scale.  It works virtually every time, with virtually any loan product.  All banks can do this too, even the 4 megabanks, and we can help them.

We need more myEnergyLoan providers and we currently NEED three providers in ILLINOIS, NEW YORK, MICHIGAN, NORTH CAROLINA, FLORIDA and OHIO. Call Jeff Cole and increase your energy efficient mortgage business or save money with an Energy Efficient Mortgage today with myEnergyLoan.  check out,,