January 2010

Even by New York standards THAT IS REALLY BIG. Imagine – 4 years ago, your real estate firm makes a play for what becomes the countries largest real estate transaction – $5.4 Billion. It wins the auction to buy the real estate because it positions itself as a the very best steward for this kind of real estate. Everybody in town said…hmmm…don’t think so…this is a train wreck waiting to happen.

This week, that train wrecked but good! $3 billion dollars worth of train wreck. Thing is…I used to live there, and my wife lived there for 15 years before she met me. The place is awesome and residents of Stuy Town absolutely love the place. But, to a person, nobody liked the previous owners…who basically sucked the life out of the place and jacked up rent every chance they got; ran background checks on nearly every resident in order to establish whether or not they could be evicted so luxury upgrades could be made so rents could be increased.

Serves the bastards right…that’s all I have to say about it. Here’s what the NYTimes has to say about it: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/25/nyregion/25stuy.html?hp


Congratulations to Jim Tulin of Nova Home Loans, our Arizona, New Mexico and Texas local myEnergyLoan provider.

Jim is truly a shining star in our network and to his great credit he structured a finance program for an Earth Ship in Taos, New Mexico. This is a major accomplishment that he says he never could have done if it weren’t for myEnergyLoan and his status as a myEnergyLoan provider. We are very, very proud to be associated with this transaction, which will earn a full 100 basis points as credit to the borrower. Also, this is most expensive Earth Ship sold to date at over $400,000. The sellers and the buyers are simply delighted with the program, which truly could not have gotten financed without the sheer tenacity and creative thinking of Jim Tulin. The green builder community of Taos is literally on fire from the news that an Earth Ship has been financed by Nova Home Loans, with many EcoBrokers and green builders already responding with referrals on news that was just released today!

Based on Jim’s success with myEnergyLoan, the corporate executives of Nova Home Loans have given Jim the authority to create a new division call Nova Green, which is based exclusively on the relationship Jim has formed with myEnergyLoan. This is great big news about which you are surely going to hear more in the coming weeks and months. Please take a moment to congratulate Jim on this accomplishment, which ranks up there with some of the most important to date. We know myEnergyLoan enabled this accomplishment, but it was truly Jim Tulin who made it happen!

Note that this property was featured in the Wall Street Journal in June of last year – just before myEnergyLoan was featured in the Wall Street Journal in August of last year. You can read both articles by clicking on the links below: