April 2010


myEnergyLoan and Building Science Academy, a BPI accredited institution run by Kim Philipi and Brad Mann in Grand Rapids, have entered into a strategic partnership whereby BSA provides quality control for all HERS Audits utilized in our Michigan myEnergyLoans.  This includes review of the prescriptive measures and a thorough analysis of the HERS report as required by all Energy Efficient Mortgages, Energy Improvement Mortgages and other myEnergyLoan transactions in the state of Michigan.

The purpose of the partnership is to enable our leading firms to further develop the Michigan energy efficiency landscape in order to increase green jobs, provide structured oversight services for work performed by BPI, RESNET and Energy Star trades.  Ultimately, this partnership will bolster the subjective areas that many raters and home performance contractors find troubling, thereby providing an additional layer of quality control on the funds deployed for improved energy efficiency.

Michigan is the first state with such a partnership and myEnergyLoan is seeking additional quality assurance partners throughout the country so that our tracking of the dollars recommended by raters is better controlled.  We insist on the highest level of performance by our providers and affiliates, so BSA was a natural fit, since they are known throughout the region as “the real deal in Quality Assurance for Energy Efficiency.”



Welcome Home, Michigan residents…get ready for better results in energy ratings and prescriptive green improvements when financed through a myEnergyLoan provider – guaranteed!


Don’t chase money, but chase what is right.  You will know what is right because your conscience will tell you so.  Your conscience will tell you so because that’s why you have a conscience…it might not feel right at first, but to see others as more important than yourself and then to act FOR THEM rather than yourself is one of the highest callings you will ever have. 

REMEMBER – it’s NOT MONEY that is the ruler of all evil, but the LOVE of money that is the ruler of all evil…

Imagine if the loan officers who closed all those subprime mortgages saw this truth and refused to harm the people to whom they were lending.  Imagine if the people who took out those loans were not bought into the cultural heritage which dictates that they DESERVE all that they see…if they did not covet thy neighbor’s house, so to speak…

I am only one, but I am one.  I cannot do everything, but I can do something.  And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.  What I can do, I should do.  And what I should do, by the Grace of God,  I will do.

At myEnergyLoan, we want to serve you…not destroy you.  Be good stewards of your environment and OPT OUT of the cultural heritage that says MORE is BETTER…in truth…less is more.


myEnergyLoan is the leading green lending program in the country as further demonstrated by the addition of the Bank of Colorado to our ever growing list of local myEnergyLoan providers.  This time, though, through our mutual partnership with the Energy Star Mortgage program, we have created a model public-private partnership w/ Bank of Colorado.

As you might know, Bank of Colorado was one of two lenders involved in the Energy Star Mortgage Pilot Program sponsored by the EPA and the Colorado Governor’s Energy Office.  The ESM is a way for the Bank of Colorado and the Governor’s Energy Office to offer better financing for the purchase of newly constructed ENERGY STAR Homes.  It
can be used in conjunction with any Conventional, FHA or VA loan program to obtain a lower monthly payment.  Energy Star homes must be 20% more efficient than before the improvements.

The myEnergyLoan program is the national specification and green loan certification program that provides a uniform loan pricing incentive matched up with actual energy efficiency improvements – this way, no matter how big or how small your improvements, if you finance them through a myEnergyLoan provider you will receive a guaranteed closing cost credit or a lower interest rate; whichever meets your needs best!    Truly, homeowners in the state of Colorado are the first in the nation to have the best of both worlds – public (ESM) and private (MEL).

You might wonder why these two programs are needed.  The ESM program is focused on Energy Star certified homes and even though myEnergyLoan is the single greatest contributor to the ESM program, our program works without the need for a green building certification.  Our program also determines a clear and uniform incentive method that rewards the impact of green features at closing.  By working with both programs, in addition to cementing their natioanl energy finance leadership role, Bank of Colorado can now:

1:)  Offer a wider range of green loan products that even include the EEM, the EIM, jumbo loans, investor loans and new incentives expected to be unveiled by Fannie, Freddie and HUD later this year

2:)  Reward clients by applying the copywritten MEL Efficiency Credit model that calibrates loan pricing and energy efficiency

3:)  Participate as the FIRST EVER bank to marry the ESM and MEL programs, thereby creating the model public-private energy finance partnership

4:)  Bring to the people of Colorado the opportunity to save up to 1% of their loan amounts by making energy-efficient improvements

5:)  Help facilitate green building trades (EcoBrokers, HERS raters, Green Designers, etc.) to grow their businesses and adding GREEN JOBS.


Making this an EVEN SWEETER partnership is that Colorado is my “home state” where i was born way back in the great year of 1969. 


in a world gone mad, from ever good to ever bad we should judge ourselves by what we do, not by what we wish we had – jeff cole

monsanto has done a lot…a lot of evil things…they should be stopped and the only way to stop them is by not buying their products.  however, unless you grow all of your own food you simply have no choice but to eat what monsanto serves you.  monsanto…you’ve gotten worse with age and you are so bad that i won’t even capitalize the “m” in your name.  in fact, i am so on to you and your antics that at the very least i will protest by not capitalizing a single word i devote to fighting you.

looking back on american culture over the last 20 years i have never been more disgusted in my life than i was wednesday night when i watched the pbs program food, inc.  i strongly recommend the video for everybody.  take a look at how big agriculture is monopolizing and bullying the american farmer while co-opting you and me.  look at the worst offender of them all – monsanto.  these guys won’t even let farmers save their own seed for future crops!  they literally pillage and plunder their way across america to the extent that 90% of all soy products are proudly brought to you by the makers of agent orange – the bio-weapon used by the military after even being tested on our military.  and monsanto crops are literally all genetically modified so they become sterilized and unusable for reproducing.  i don’t know how you feel about this, but i am outraged that i can hardly buy a soy based product without the lingering understanding that i am supporting the evil empire of monsanto.

i care for you and i care for your family and that’s why i am doing what i can to sound the alarm regarding monsanto.

don’t take the position of simply blaming the company, though…it’s too easy to blame a company when the real outrage needs to be focused on the people who run the company and profit by its unweildy ways.  the same way that markets are comprised of people, look at the people within monsanto – look at their top brass and follow the money trail. you will find clear ties to leaders of both political parties.  it is little known that monsanto gives millions of dollars to both of our corrupt political parties because they don’t care who wins or loses an election so long as whoever wins will be beholden to them.  for those of you who are less than politicized and don’t follow me…get your head out of the sand and make a commitment as a local change agent in your hometown.  you can make a difference if you but try.

first step – boycott monsanto.  send a link to this blog to your entire e-mail contact list.  show them you won’t stand for their immorality.  vote with your wallet – and say good bye to the cruel world they have created for you as they stuff your face full of genetically altered french fries.

shame on you, monsanto…you are this earth day’s favorite villain – just as you have been for 15 years in a row.   oh…if archer daniels midland could see you now…they’d be proud…real proud.


Liars:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJcZLXX39KA

Cheats: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=7F9B7F83472312AA

Thieves: http://www.livevideo.com/video/rclark23/627E28189B6E49B1A44C39C8383E4118/zaproot-unearthed-monsanto-c.aspx

Maniacal, diabolical and monopolipal – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vj-G6VhUynY




Remember:  You’ve got to be trusted by the people that you lie to, so that when they turn their backs on you…you get the chance to put the knife in (pink floyd) – be careful whom you trust.  keep your head up high, walk tall and carry a very big stick.


Two children attend a parade to conmemorate the World Earth Day in San Salvador, El Salvador, 22 April 2010. Earth Day is celebrated around the world annually on 22 April to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the earths environment. On Earth Day individuals as well as environmental groups take action to raise awareness of and political attention to environmental issues such as pollution, global warming and climate change, and to encourage public endeavour for a clean environment. Earth Day which was founded by by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in in 1970 celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2010.  According to the official website: Earth Day 2010 can be a turning point to advance climate policy, energy efficiency, renewable energy and green jobs.  EPA/ROBERTO ESCOBAR

Well, folks, it just would not be Earth Day if it weren’t for you. 

You should all take a victory lap if you have in any way supported positive contributions or made your own green play this year.  what i mean by that is – have you done something positive for dear old mother earth?  If you have, please share your Green Play with us here at myEnergyLoan.

Perhaps you have begun a recycling program at home or at the office…or planted some trees…or didn’t cut some down.  Perhaps you have begun eating organic food even when it costs more to do so…maybe you have purchased groceries from your local farm stand or food co-op…or perhaps you have begun unplugging your appliances when not in use…perhaps all that you have done is turned out lights every time you leave a room.  All of these things are called Green Plays…because you made a difference.

Whatever it might be – take a victory lap…do a happy dance or simply kick your shoes off and hang out on the grass for a change.  Tread lightly, folks…and have a Happy Earth Day!


It is with great pleasure that we announce that mortgagegreen, inc., the country’s first green mortgage company, has joined the myEnergyLoan Green Lending Network. 

Tomek Rondio, President at mortgagegreen inc., and I have been friendly competitors for years and we have done a ton of work together.  Last week, Tomek and his national sales manger in North Carolina, Patrick Emerson, decided to join the myEnergyLoan network of green lenders.  Their clients will realize significant benefits that include custom marketing materials, loan referrals and strong support from the other members in the myEnergyLoan Green Lending Network.  Most importantly, however, their clients are going to be benefitting because mortgagegreen inc. is going to be providing a myEnergyLoan Efficiency Credit for all of the green loans that they write for their clients.

Welcome Aboard!  Please send them your warmest welcome and support their business by rewarding them with yours.  In California and North Carolina, mortgagegreen, Inc., is prepared to serve your myEnergyLoan needs.  Work with them and you will be impressed!



We are searching for appraisers who have appraised green buildings to list on our appraiser resource site.  Please send jcole@myenergyloan.com for an application form to be included.  Out of all the loans we have done we have found only a small handful of appraisers who want to appraise in this space.  Our network is in need of green qualified appraisers.

Suggestions?  Comments?  Don’t be shy…