myEnergyLoan is the leading green lending program in the country as further demonstrated by the addition of the Bank of Colorado to our ever growing list of local myEnergyLoan providers.  This time, though, through our mutual partnership with the Energy Star Mortgage program, we have created a model public-private partnership w/ Bank of Colorado.

As you might know, Bank of Colorado was one of two lenders involved in the Energy Star Mortgage Pilot Program sponsored by the EPA and the Colorado Governor’s Energy Office.  The ESM is a way for the Bank of Colorado and the Governor’s Energy Office to offer better financing for the purchase of newly constructed ENERGY STAR Homes.  It
can be used in conjunction with any Conventional, FHA or VA loan program to obtain a lower monthly payment.  Energy Star homes must be 20% more efficient than before the improvements.

The myEnergyLoan program is the national specification and green loan certification program that provides a uniform loan pricing incentive matched up with actual energy efficiency improvements – this way, no matter how big or how small your improvements, if you finance them through a myEnergyLoan provider you will receive a guaranteed closing cost credit or a lower interest rate; whichever meets your needs best!    Truly, homeowners in the state of Colorado are the first in the nation to have the best of both worlds – public (ESM) and private (MEL).

You might wonder why these two programs are needed.  The ESM program is focused on Energy Star certified homes and even though myEnergyLoan is the single greatest contributor to the ESM program, our program works without the need for a green building certification.  Our program also determines a clear and uniform incentive method that rewards the impact of green features at closing.  By working with both programs, in addition to cementing their natioanl energy finance leadership role, Bank of Colorado can now:

1:)  Offer a wider range of green loan products that even include the EEM, the EIM, jumbo loans, investor loans and new incentives expected to be unveiled by Fannie, Freddie and HUD later this year

2:)  Reward clients by applying the copywritten MEL Efficiency Credit model that calibrates loan pricing and energy efficiency

3:)  Participate as the FIRST EVER bank to marry the ESM and MEL programs, thereby creating the model public-private energy finance partnership

4:)  Bring to the people of Colorado the opportunity to save up to 1% of their loan amounts by making energy-efficient improvements

5:)  Help facilitate green building trades (EcoBrokers, HERS raters, Green Designers, etc.) to grow their businesses and adding GREEN JOBS.


Making this an EVEN SWEETER partnership is that Colorado is my “home state” where i was born way back in the great year of 1969.