myEnergyLoan and Building Science Academy, a BPI accredited institution run by Kim Philipi and Brad Mann in Grand Rapids, have entered into a strategic partnership whereby BSA provides quality control for all HERS Audits utilized in our Michigan myEnergyLoans.  This includes review of the prescriptive measures and a thorough analysis of the HERS report as required by all Energy Efficient Mortgages, Energy Improvement Mortgages and other myEnergyLoan transactions in the state of Michigan.

The purpose of the partnership is to enable our leading firms to further develop the Michigan energy efficiency landscape in order to increase green jobs, provide structured oversight services for work performed by BPI, RESNET and Energy Star trades.  Ultimately, this partnership will bolster the subjective areas that many raters and home performance contractors find troubling, thereby providing an additional layer of quality control on the funds deployed for improved energy efficiency.

Michigan is the first state with such a partnership and myEnergyLoan is seeking additional quality assurance partners throughout the country so that our tracking of the dollars recommended by raters is better controlled.  We insist on the highest level of performance by our providers and affiliates, so BSA was a natural fit, since they are known throughout the region as “the real deal in Quality Assurance for Energy Efficiency.”

Welcome Home, Michigan residents…get ready for better results in energy ratings and prescriptive green improvements when financed through a myEnergyLoan provider – guaranteed!