As of today, this is a cluster —-, with no clear explanation and NO END IN SIGHT.  It’s STILL gushing oil and way more than we are being told.

Here’s what we know – the failsafe did not work as expected.  The rig blew up and has now caused hundreds of fishermen to lose work and livelihood.  Billions of wasted dollars and man hours and God only knows the toll to the entire food chain.

BP owns the rig and contracted Halliburton to manage some work on the rig, and some 20 hours after completion the single greatest man-made natural disaster in history was started by a huge explosion at the base of the rig.  Too far down for humans to dive and too tricky for robot submarines to be effective.  Of course, we cannot confirm most of this.  We cannot even confirm the extent of the leak.  We know that BP put out estimates of the rig leaking 1000 barrels of oil per day.  Those estimates were immediately revised ONLY AFTER pressure from SkyTruth, which called BS immediately.  BP revised the number to 5000 barrels per day and that number is very, very likely also extremely minimized.   As evidence for that, note that a February 2009 impact analysis filed with the Feds by BP claimed that an uncontrolled blowout of this very rig would spew 6.8 million gallons of oil daily.  This rig can only be classified as an uncontrolled blowout at this point, so…if


1 barrel of oil = 42 US gallons

    More about calculator.

then that’s about 161,905 barrels of oil – DAILY….and even the most anybody knows that’s a lot more than 5000 barrels { actually it’s 156,905 barrels more than 5,000 }.

Here’s what else we know…any attempt by conservation groups to point fingers at Halliburton, BP or any other oil concern will be minimized and retorted as conservation groups attempting to blockade future oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.  Conservative media has already prepared their listeners to look out for this very thing.  We once again find ourselves being manipulated by some of the companies involved in this disaster and the conservative political machine is minimimizing the event while we { all of us } get pummelled in the process.   The liberals aren’t doing any better, mind you…as they have completely failed to produce meaningful policy around energy efficiency and renewable energy and the administration readily admits that it did not react quickly enough.

Here’s the message that is consistently being delivered throughout media today:  Don’t worry, there is no disruption of the oil flow to America consumers.  What?  Are you serious?  It begs the question – if there is no disruption of the flow of oil to American consumers, was this rig ever that necessary in the first place?  Oh…it’s just one of many, you say?  One of many that also don’t have adequate failsafe measures in place?  One of many oil rigs that are potential disasters beyond this one?  WAKE UP, AMERICA!  You’ve been had, again.

There are currently – as of today – 26 Federal lawsuits filed by commercial fisherman, resorts, property owners and others.  They will likely all be settled out of court, we are told.

I for one have a father who was killed on a classified assignment in the middle east – over oil – so it’s very personal to me.  He was expendable and so are you.  So were our fallen soldiers killed in Iraq.  Link to body count here to see where we really are on body count and remember that it is all over OIL.  Make sure to note that General Tommy Franks says that “we don’t do body counts” but I guaran-damn-tee you that they count barrels of oil in Iraq

Closer to home, though, this oil rig disaster has already taken lives, crushed families, damaged deepwater ecosystems and shattered dreams and livelihoods.  It’s going to be hard for us to recover anytime soon – bank on it.  What frustrates me most are all the lies and attempts of plausible deniability.  It’s always the same in situations like this – fingers get pointed and culpability is never acttually established.  We pay – and usually, the antagonists get even wealthier by direct and indirect means.

Meanwhile – the throttle is wide open and the oil is no more fettered today than the day the explosion happened – April 20 – 13 days ago!  They don’t know how to stop it.  THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO STOP IT!!!  So where’s the truth of it all?  Round and round and round it goes…i assure you…where it stops NOBODY knows.