photo credit: ilovemypit @ flicker

After combing the web for a good green reason to post a blog on May 5, 2010…we didn’t have to go far before we found Super Eco – a fun, lively and practical web portal for going green.  You should check them out and recommend the site if you like what you see as we do…meanwhile…we are going to make recipe for our own little celebration today in order to satisfy our watering mouths!

Super Eco Mission

Super Eco is the website for people who want to live more environmentally conscious lives but may not know where to begin, as well as for those tracking breaking news and trends. Super Eco contextualizes research and how-to articles within stories and news so that information about dishwashers, or compost bins, or Al Gore, or global warming, or hybrid vehicles are presented in a fresh, exciting, high energy and helpful manner. Super Eco promotes less worry and more wonder.