New White House UNOFFICIAL Group

I have started a new group for us…I joined the OFFICIAL White House Group last week and have found the group to be very engaged Americans who joined the group with the hopes of being heard and engaged by the White House.  I have polled this group several times and even made independent pushes to this group’s owner and have gotten no response whatsoever.  Along with about 300 other people in this OFFICIAL White House group, we have drawn the conclusion that we are all simply talking to ourselves in the official group, noting that it must be incredibly difficult for the White House to manage the level of intensity prevelant in some of the discussions.  Frankly, our discussions have been really, really good but we keep waiting for some sort of response from the White House…many members have told me that they have been members of the group for awhile and have also not seen any responses from the White House.

…since that’s case, we created the new Unofficial White House Group on LinkedIN…because, afterall…the White House is OUR house…and since we are only talking to ourselves in the official group anyway, we should do it without the veil and pretense that comes with airing our heartfelt opinions to a disengaged group manager.   We want our administration to hear us – we are hard working Americans from all walks of life and rather than being discouraged and torn apart, we can come together here and learn from one another and bring our work back to our communities where it can do the most good for our country.

I believe in America. I believe in you and I believe in US pulling together as we historically have done for centuries.  Please join our Unofficial White House Group and get engaged with other Americans who are trying their best to be strong and make a positive difference.