The following article was written two years ago, before the green lending world changed…our affiliations with Prospect Mortgage and Building Science Academy did not go well after HUD changed mortgage rules and our JV was dismantled, to the dismay of all partners involved.  It was quite sad to see so much hard work and dedication not bear fruit based solely on HUD changes.  For information on the story of myEnergyLoan, please contact

Last week, after more than 9 months in the making, Prospect Mortgage, the nation’s #1 Independent Retail Mortgage Lender and myEnergyLoan, the nation’s #1 green loan brand, have executed a major strategic alliance that enables Prospect Mortgage to serve the rapidly emerging green real estate marketplace.

As the cornerstone of the initiative, Prospect Mortgage will base its green lending offerings around the myEnergyLoan marketing and service platforms which have relentlessly provided the market with much needed quality assurance for the “energy side” of the green loan transaction since 2005.

Further, as a result of the partnership, Prospect Mortgage becomes the first world-class mortgage lender to make the Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) and Energy Improvement Mortgage (EIM) available in all 50 states with dedicated product subject matter experts and unsurpassed quality assurance to benefit the homeowners it serves.  These loans allow you to finance energy efficiency in a way that guarantees you will receive a net tangible financial benefit through reduced operating expenses for your home and they may make you eligible for additional incentives available through public utility companies as well as Federal, State or Local energy efficiency programs.

Rolling out in key markets, the JV with Prospect Mortgage enables the myEnergyLoan platform to advance its market-leading green loan brand as it responds to consumer needs at a critical time in green real estate market development.

Please contact Jeff Cole at if you would like to learn how to obtain an EEM, EIM or 203K/EEM/EIM hybrid loan through the Prospect Mortgage/myEnergyLoan JV.

————-Those Loan Officers who are frustrated with not being able to offer the EEM or EIM loans are encouraged to inquire about any potentially available loan officer positions in their markets————