BLOG myEnergyLoan is the premier blog about Green Lending, Green Loans, Energy Efficient Mortgages and advancements in the green lending community.

I strive to give you the inside scoop on Green Loans from the perspective of a highly sustainable business owner whose company is set up as a private entity serving the public good. 

Our company, our national providers and our local providers are dedicated to social finance and to creatively shaping our culture in responsible ways.  In the sometimes dark and confusing world of financial markets, myEnergyLoan is a shining example of how responsible and fair financial professionals have banded together in an authentic effort to solve the trust and fairness issues associated with the complex financial, economic and ecological problems we face today.

I hope you enjoy BLOG myEnergyLoan and I invite you to contribute by sending me an e-mail with your suggestions, questions or editorial ideas.

Contact Jeff Cole directly at 404-771-2106 or by e-mail at


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Jeff Cole Says:

    Please feel free to post comments or subjects you would like discussed here in the myEnergyLoan blog.

  2. Sustainword Says:

    Yo Jeff- put on your blogroll. You have been on mine for years!

  3. Sir,
    Once you look to get Cellulose from grass please remind you to see our bamboo.
    Bamboo is the great biomass in next future and you may see the pilot project in Thailand, called “Kingdom 9 Golden Bamboo”
    We need to get your help us have funds.
    Thank you.See our biomass at

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