myEnergyLoan is enhancing its website and seeking your input on the information you would find most useful for green real estate finance.  Our Green Pages at, will become a hub that you can search for up-to-date information associated with Green Real Estate, especially as it relates to green real estate finance and green loans (aka Green Lending).

While the Energy Efficient Mortgage continues to be a staple loan product that is under-utilized, we have recently seen people cobble together incentive dollars and local energy loans to reduce their homes’ operating costs.  Their homes are more comfortable and healthier overall.

Look for more coming soon and please pardon our re-construction!  And as always, thank you for your support.



Apr 25, 2010 Bank of Colorado Signs myEnergyLoan Provider Contract Creating Model Public/Private Energy Finance Program. Posted by myenergyloan under AHA…/bank-of-colorado-executes-myenergyloanprovider-agreement/

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myEnergyLoan, the leading green loan program in the country, has launched its local provider program and it is going very well. 

Working with our New Jersey local myEnegyLoan provider, Silex Financial Group, and our South Carolina local myEnergyLoan provider, Daniel Island Mortgage, we have developed a new program for the existing housing market:  myEnergyLoan EX.

Here’s how it works: 

If you have a home with a H.E.R.S. rating of 150 or greater and you bring the home to current energy code (H.E.R.S. index of 100)  through a energy-centric greenovation we will facilitate the financing of the project and provide a minimum of .25% Efficiency Credit.  Further, if you take a home with a H.E.R.S. index over 100 and, through your energy-centric greenovation, bring the H.E.R.S. index to 85 (15% more efficient than current energy code) then we will fund your building and provide a .50% Efficiency Credit.

This is another improvement over the conventional Energy Efficient Mortgage, the Energy Improvement Mortgage and typical hodge-podge green loan incentive that some green loan officers are trying to sell you.  myEnergyLoan is the clear leader since we set the standard of how to harness the value of the natural capital in the green real estate transaction; we evaluate the benefits of going green and then reward the client based on how green they got!

Remember: we are looking for licensees in many states right now – if you are true green and a mortgage broker, we should talk.

Jeff Cole

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